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What Does Como Tale Vu Mean In English?

What Does Como Tale Vu Mean In English? Como Tale Vu is a Vietnamese phrase that means “How are you?”

What is your name French? My name is French, but I am not sure what it means.

What do you mean by Comment allez vous? “Comment allez vous?” is French for “How are you?”

How you will reply to comment allez vous? “I will reply to your comment with a simple ‘hello’ and a smile.”

Frequently Asked Questions

What Does Como Tale Vu Stand For?

The phrase “como tale vu” is literally translated as “I see you” in Italian. This phrase is used as a term of endearment, similar to how English speakers might say “I love you.”

What Is The Meaning Of Comment Allez-Vous?

The meaning of “comment allez-vous?” is “how are you?”

How Do You Spell Como Tale Vu In French?

In French, “como tale vu” is spelled “comment allez-vous”.

Why Does Comment Allez Vous Mean How Are You?

Comment allez vous? means “How are you?” in French. It is a common way to greet someone in France.

Why Is Allez Vous Comment?

Allez Vous Comment is a French expression which translates to “How are you going?” It is used as a greeting and asked in order to inquire about the other person’s welfare.

How Are You Como Sava French?

I’m Como Sava French, and I’m doing well. I’m a native speaker of French, and I enjoy speaking it with others.

What Language Is Como Talle Vous?

Como Talle vous is a constructed language that combines elements of Romance and Germanic languages.

What’S The Meaning Of Como Tale Vu?

The phrase ‘Como tale vu?’ is a Venetian dialect phrase which means ‘How do you see it?’.

What Is The Answer For Comment Allez Vous?

Comment allez vous? is a French phrase that translates to “How are you?” in English.

How Are You All Doing In French?

I’m all right in French. I’m not perfect, but I can get by.

How Do You Respond To Comment Ta Le Vous?

I respond to this comment by saying “thank you” in French.

What Does The Word Allez Mean In English?

The word “allez” in English means “let’s go!”

What Is Comment Allez Vous Mean?

Comment allez-vous is the most common way to say “How are you?” in French.

Why Does Comment Allez-Vous Mean How Are You?

Comment allez-vous is a French greeting that means “How are you?”

How Do You Comment On Allez-Vous?

It means “are you going?”

How Are You All French?

Most French people would say that they are “bien,” which translates to “well.” This is a general response to how people are doing, and it can be used to ask someone how they are doing as well.

How Do You Answer Como Tale Vu?

I answer Como tale vu? by saying “I don’t know how to say it in English.”

How Do You Comment On Allez Vous?

The phrase “allez vous” is used informally in French to tell someone to go away. It can be translated to “go away” or “get out.”

In English, como tale vu means “How are you?”

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