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How To Say Good Morning In Greek Language

In Greek, “good morning” is pronounced “kalimera”. It is a common greeting used to say hello to someone in the morning.

How To Say Good Morning In Greek Language

Good morning in the Greek language is “Kalimera.”

For this project you will need a pen, paper, and the Greek alphabet.

  • To a female add σου (soo)
  • Say καλημέρα (kalimera)
  • To a male add σας (sas

1. There are a few different ways to say “good morning” in Greek, depending on the region. 2. One way is “Kalimera,” which is the most common way to say it. 3. Another way is “Yia sou,” which is used more in the south of Greece. 4. Yet another way is “Reveille,” which is used more in Cyprus.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Does Kalispera Sas Mean In Greek?

Kalispéra is a greeting which is used in the Greek language. It is a combination of the words Kali (good) and Spera (welcome).

What Time Is Kalispera?

Kalispera is a Greek word that means “good evening.” It is typically used as a greeting in the evening hours.

How Do You Say Today In Greek?

Τoday is Το Σάββατο in Greek

How Do You Say This Morning In Greek?

Το σημερινό πρωί στα ελληνικά σας λέει “καλημέρα”!

How Do You Write Kalispera In Greek?

Kalá íspe̱ra

How Do You Wish Good Morning In Greek?

Χαίρετε πολύ στον καθένα μας το πρωί!

In Closing

In Greek, “good morning” can be translated as “Kalimera”.

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