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How To Say Beautiful In Hawaiian Language

There is no one definitive way to say “beautiful” in Hawaiian, as the language has a number of words that can be used to mean the same thing. However, some of the most commonly used words for “beautiful” in Hawaiian are “aloha,” “mana,” and “malihini.”

How To Say Beautiful In Hawaiian Language

There is no one definitive answer to this question, as the Hawaiian language has many different dialects, and the word for “beautiful” may vary depending on which dialect is used. However, some possible translations of “beautiful” in Hawaiian include “wonderful,” “gorgeous,” and “stunning.”

There is no one definitive answer to this question, as the pronunciation of Hawaiian words can vary depending on the dialect of the speaker. However, some general tips on how to say “beautiful” in Hawaiian include: *Pronounce the word “beautiful” as “bae-o-tee-ful” or “bae-o-tee-luh” * stressing the vowels in each syllable, and elongating the last syll

  • Aloha kakou!
  • E keia la, he mele inoa no ka ipu o ka puakenikeni. ua like ia me ka heluna o ka makemake e like ia me ke

There are many words in the Hawaiian language to describe beauty. ʻĀloha is a word often used to express love, and it also has a deep meaning when used to describe someone who is beautiful. Another word that is often used to describe beauty is mahalo, which means thank you. Mahalo can be used to express gratitude for someone’s beauty, or for any other reason.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do You Say Pretty In Hawaiian?

The word “pōhaku” in Hawaiian means “rock”. The word “pikake” in Hawaiian means “jasmine”. So, the phrase “pōhaku pikake” in Hawaiian would mean “pretty rock” or “beautiful rock”.

Does Nani Mean Beautiful In Hawaiian?

Yes, the word “nani” can mean both “beautiful” and “gorgeous” in the Hawaiian language.

What Is The Hawaiian Word For Love?

The Hawaiian word for love is ‘aloha’.

How Do You Say Sunshine In Hawaiian?

Aloha kākou means “hello everyone.” Ke ānō nei means “nowadays.” Mahalo nui loa means “thank you very much.”

What Is The Hawaiian Name For Sunshine?

The Hawaiian name for sunshine is “ka ōpua ika la.”

What Does Aloha Nui Loa Mean?

“Aloha nui loa” means “much love.” It is often used as a goodbye, with the implication that the person will be missed.

What Names Mean In Hawaiian?

There are a few different ways to say “name” in Hawaiian, but the most common word for “name” is “apikea.” This word can also mean “to call out” or “to mention.”


Aloha kakou! In Hawaiian, “aloha” is a term of endearment and love, and “kakou” means “we”. So together, “aloha kakou” means “love to you all”. It’s a beautiful sentiment, and one that is sure to be appreciated by all.

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